An enum for determining the page role inside the gtk.Assistant It's used to handle buttons sensitivity and visibility.

Note that an assistant needs to end its page flow with a page of type GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_CONFIRM, GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_SUMMARY or GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_PROGRESS to be correct.

The Cancel button will only be shown if the page isn’t “committed”. See Assistant.commit for details.



The page has regular contents. Both the Back and forward buttons will be shown.


The page contains an introduction to the assistant task. Only the Forward button will be shown if there is a next page.


The page lets the user confirm or deny the changes. The Back and Apply buttons will be shown.


The page informs the user of the changes done. Only the Close button will be shown.


Used for tasks that take a long time to complete, blocks the assistant until the page is marked as complete. Only the back button will be shown.


Used for when other page types are not appropriate. No buttons will be shown, and the application must add its own buttons through Assistant.addActionWidget.