printf format type used to debug GStreamer types. You can use this in combination with GStreamer's debug logging system as well as the functions gst_info_vasprintf(), gst_info_strdup_vprintf() and gst_info_strdup_printf() to pretty-print the following types: gstreamer.Caps, gstreamer.Structure, gstreamer.CapsFeatures, gstreamer.TagList, gstreamer.DateTime, gstreamer.Buffer, gstreamer.BufferList, gstreamer.Message, gstreamer.Event, gstreamer.Query, gstreamer.Context, gstreamer.Pad, GstObject All GObject types will be printed as typename plus pointer, and everything else will simply be printed as pointer address.

This can only be used on types whose size is >= sizeof(gpointer).

enum PTR_FORMAT = "paA";