Undocumented in source.

struct GstPad {
GstObject object;
GRecMutex streamRecLock;
GstTask* task;
GCond blockCond;
GHookList probes;
GstPadMode mode;
GstPadActivateFunction activatefunc;
void* activatedata;
GDestroyNotify activatenotify;
GstPadActivateModeFunction activatemodefunc;
void* activatemodedata;
GDestroyNotify activatemodenotify;
GstPad* peer;
GstPadLinkFunction linkfunc;
void* linkdata;
GDestroyNotify linknotify;
GstPadUnlinkFunction unlinkfunc;
void* unlinkdata;
GDestroyNotify unlinknotify;
GstPadChainFunction chainfunc;
void* chaindata;
GDestroyNotify chainnotify;
GstPadChainListFunction chainlistfunc;
void* chainlistdata;
GDestroyNotify chainlistnotify;
GstPadGetRangeFunction getrangefunc;
void* getrangedata;
GDestroyNotify getrangenotify;
GstPadEventFunction eventfunc;
void* eventdata;
GDestroyNotify eventnotify;
long offset;
GstPadQueryFunction queryfunc;
void* querydata;
GDestroyNotify querynotify;
GstPadIterIntLinkFunction iterintlinkfunc;
void* iterintlinkdata;
GDestroyNotify iterintlinknotify;
int numProbes;
int numBlocked;
GstPadPrivate* priv;
ABI abi;



GstPadDirection direction;

the direction of the pad, cannot change after creating the pad.

void* elementPrivate;

private data owned by the parent element

GstPadTemplate* padtemplate;

padtemplate for this pad