Gets the extents for a string of text. The extents describe a user-space rectangle that encloses the "inked" portion of the text, (as it would be drawn by cairo_show_text()). Additionally, the x_advance and y_advance values indicate the amount by which the current point would be advanced by cairo_show_text(). Note that whitespace characters do not directly contribute to the size of the rectangle (extents.width and extents.height). They do contribute indirectly by changing the position of non-whitespace characters. In particular, trailing whitespace characters are likely to not affect the size of the rectangle, though they will affect the x_advance and y_advance values. Since 1.0

class Context


utf8 string

a NUL-terminated string of text encoded in UTF-8, or NULL

extents cairo_text_extents_t*

a cairo_text_extents_t object into which the results will be stored