This is a convenience function for creating a pattern from surface and setting it as the source in cr with cairo_set_source(). The x and y parameters give the user-space coordinate at which the surface origin should appear. (The surface origin is its upper-left corner before any transformation has been applied.) The x and y parameters are negated and then set as translation values in the pattern matrix. Other than the initial translation pattern matrix, as described above, all other pattern attributes, (such as its extend mode), are set to the default values as in Pattern.createForSurface. The resulting pattern can be queried with cairo_get_source() so that these attributes can be modified if desired, (eg. to create a repeating pattern with Pattern.setExtend). Since 1.0

class Context
double x
double y


surface Surface

a surface to be used to set the source pattern

x double

User-space X coordinate for surface origin

y double

User-space Y coordinate for surface origin