This function is for use in widget implementations. Turns on flag values in the current widget state (insensitive, prelighted, etc.).

This function accepts the values GTK_STATE_FLAG_DIR_LTR and GTK_STATE_FLAG_DIR_RTL but ignores them. If you want to set the widget's direction, use Widget.setDirection.

It is worth mentioning that any other state than GTK_STATE_FLAG_INSENSITIVE, will be propagated down to all non-internal children if widget is a gtk.Container, while GTK_STATE_FLAG_INSENSITIVE itself will be propagated down to all gtk.Container children by different means than turning on the state flag down the hierarchy, both Widget.getStateFlags and Widget.isSensitive will make use of these.

class Widget


flags GtkStateFlags

State flags to turn on

clear bool

Whether to clear state before turning on flags