Obtains the full path to widget. The path is simply the name of a widget and all its parents in the container hierarchy, separated by periods. The name of a widget comes from Widget.getName. Paths are used to apply styles to a widget in gtkrc configuration files. Widget names are the type of the widget by default (e.g. “GtkButton”) or can be set to an application-specific value with Widget.setName. By setting the name of a widget, you allow users or theme authors to apply styles to that specific widget in their gtkrc file. path_reversed_p fills in the path in reverse order, i.e. starting with widget’s name instead of starting with the name of widget’s outermost ancestor.

class Widget
out uint pathLength
out string path
out string pathReversed


pathLength uint

location to store length of the path, or NULL

path string

location to store allocated path string, or NULL

pathReversed string

location to store allocated reverse path string, or NULL

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Use Widget.getPath instead