Installs an accelerator for this widget in accel_group that causes accel_signal to be emitted if the accelerator is activated. The accel_group needs to be added to the widget’s toplevel via Window.addAccelGroup, and the signal must be of type G_SIGNAL_ACTION. Accelerators added through this function are not user changeable during runtime. If you want to support accelerators that can be changed by the user, use AccelMap.addEntry and Widget.setAccelPath or Menu.itemSetAccelPath instead.


accelSignal string

widget signal to emit on accelerator activation

accelGroup AccelGroup

accel group for this widget, added to its toplevel

accelKey uint

GDK keyval of the accelerator

accelMods GdkModifierType

modifier key combination of the accelerator

accelFlags GtkAccelFlags

flag accelerators, e.g. GTK_ACCEL_VISIBLE