A convenience function that uses the theme engine and style settings for widget to look up stock_id and render it to a pixbuf. stock_id should be a stock icon ID such as GTK_STOCK_OPEN or GTK_STOCK_OK size should be a size such as GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU

The pixels in the returned gdk.Pixbuf are shared with the rest of the application and should not be modified. The pixbuf should be freed after use with g_object_unref().

class Widget


stockId string

a stock ID

size GtkIconSize

a stock size (gtk.IconSize). A size of (GtkIconSize)-1 means render at the size of the source and don’t scale (if there are multiple source sizes, GTK+ picks one of the available sizes).

Return Value

Type: Pixbuf

a new pixbuf, or NULL if the stock ID wasn’t known

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Use IconTheme.loadIcon instead.