A convenience function that uses the theme settings for widget to look up stock_id and render it to a pixbuf. stock_id should be a stock icon ID such as GTK_STOCK_OPEN or GTK_STOCK_OK size should be a size such as GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU detail should be a string that identifies the widget or code doing the rendering, so that theme engines can special-case rendering for that widget or code.

The pixels in the returned gdk.Pixbuf are shared with the rest of the application and should not be modified. The pixbuf should be freed after use with g_object_unref().

class Widget
string stockId
string detail


stockId string

a stock ID

size GtkIconSize

a stock size (gtk.IconSize). A size of (GtkIconSize)-1 means render at the size of the source and don’t scale (if there are multiple source sizes, GTK+ picks one of the available sizes).

detail string

render detail to pass to theme engine

Return Value

Type: Pixbuf

a new pixbuf, or NULL if the stock ID wasn’t known

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Use Widget.renderIconPixbuf instead.