The ::visibility-notify-event will be emitted when the widget's window is obscured or unobscured.

To receive this signal the gdk.Window associated to the widget needs to enable the GDK_VISIBILITY_NOTIFY_MASK mask.

  1. gulong addOnVisibilityNotify(bool delegate(GdkEventVisibility*, Widget) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)
  2. gulong addOnVisibilityNotify(bool delegate(Event, Widget) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags)
    class Widget
    bool delegate dlg
    ConnectFlags connectFlags = cast(ConnectFlags)0

Return Value

Type: gulong

TRUE to stop other handlers from being invoked for the event. FALSE to propagate the event further.

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Modern composited windowing systems with pervasive transparency make it impossible to track the visibility of a window reliably, so this signal can not be guaranteed to provide useful information.