This function is supposed to be used in a query-tooltip signal handler for gtk.TreeView The x, y and keyboard_tip values which are received in the signal handler, should be passed to this function without modification.

The return value indicates whether there is a tree view row at the given coordinates (TRUE) or not (FALSE) for mouse tooltips. For keyboard tooltips the row returned will be the cursor row. When TRUE, then any of model, path and iter which have been provided will be set to point to that row and the corresponding model. x and y will always be converted to be relative to tree_view’s bin_window if keyboard_tooltip is FALSE.

class TreeView
ref int x
ref int y


x int

the x coordinate (relative to widget coordinates)

y int

the y coordinate (relative to widget coordinates)

keyboardTip bool

whether this is a keyboard tooltip or not

model TreeModelIF

a pointer to receive a gtk.TreeModel or NULL

path TreePath

a pointer to receive a gtk.TreePath or NULL

iter TreeIter

a pointer to receive a gtk.TreeIter or NULL

Return Value

Type: bool

whether or not the given tooltip context points to a row.