Sets the current keyboard focus to be at path, and selects it. This is useful when you want to focus the user’s attention on a particular row. If focus_column is not NULL, then focus is given to the column specified by it. If focus_column and focus_cell are not NULL, and focus_column contains 2 or more editable or activatable cells, then focus is given to the cell specified by focus_cell. Additionally, if focus_column is specified, and start_editing is TRUE, then editing should be started in the specified cell. This function is often followed by gtk_widget_grab_focus (tree_view) in order to give keyboard focus to the widget. Please note that editing can only happen when the widget is realized.

If path is invalid for model, the current cursor (if any) will be unset and the function will return without failing.


path TreePath
focusColumn TreeViewColumn
focusCell CellRenderer

A gtk.CellRenderer, or NULL

startEditing bool

TRUE if the specified cell should start being edited.