Creates a new gtk.Action object. To add the action to a gtk.ActionGroup and set the accelerator for the action, call Action.groupAddActionWithAccel. See the [UI Definition section][XML-UI] for information on allowed action names.

  1. this(GtkAction* gtkAction, bool ownedRef)
  2. this(string name, string label, string tooltip, StockID stockId)
  3. this(string name, string label, string tooltip, string stockId)
    class Action
    string name
    string label
    string tooltip
    string stockId


name string

A unique name for the action

label string

the label displayed in menu items and on buttons, or NULL

tooltip string

a tooltip for the action, or NULL

stockId string

the stock icon to display in widgets representing the action, or NULL

Return Value

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Use gtk.Action instead, associating it to a widget with GtkActionable or creating a gtk.Menu with Menu.newFromModel


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.