Creates a new GtkAction object. To add the action to a GtkActionGroup and set the accelerator for the action, call Action.groupAddActionWithAccel. See the section called UI Definitions for information on allowed action names. Since 2.4

  1. this(GtkAction* gtkAction, bool ownedRef)
  2. this(string name, string label, string tooltip, StockID stockId)
    class Action
    string name
    string label
    string tooltip
  3. this(string name, string label, string tooltip, string stockId)


name string

A unique name for the action

label string

the label displayed in menu items and on buttons, or NULL

tooltip string

a tooltip for the action, or NULL

stockId StockID

the stock icon to display in widgets representing the action.


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.