Sets the meta-data of application name inside the list of applications that have registered a bookmark for uri inside bookmark.

You should rarely use this function; use BookmarkFile.addApplication and BookmarkFile.removeApplication instead.

name can be any UTF-8 encoded string used to identify an application. exec can have one of these two modifiers: "\f", which will be expanded as the local file name retrieved from the bookmark's URI; "\u", which will be expanded as the bookmark's URI. The expansion is done automatically when retrieving the stored command line using the BookmarkFile.getAppInfo function. count is the number of times the application has registered the bookmark; if is < 0, the current registration count will be increased by one, if is 0, the application with name will be removed from the list of registered applications. stamp is the Unix time of the last registration; if it is -1, the current time will be used.

If you try to remove an application by setting its registration count to zero, and no bookmark for uri is found, FALSE is returned and error is set to G_BOOKMARK_FILE_ERROR_URI_NOT_FOUND; similarly, in the event that no application name has registered a bookmark for uri, FALSE is returned and error is set to G_BOOKMARK_FILE_ERROR_APP_NOT_REGISTERED Otherwise, if no bookmark for uri is found, one is created.

class BookmarkFile
string uri
string name
string exec
int count
uint stamp


uri string

a valid URI

name string

an application's name

exec string

an application's command line

count int

the number of registrations done for this application

stamp uint

the time of the last registration for this application

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if the application's meta-data was successfully changed.


GException on failure.