Specifies the current state of a touchpad gesture. All gestures are guaranteed to begin with an event with phase GDK_TOUCHPAD_GESTURE_PHASE_BEGIN, followed by 0 or several events with phase GDK_TOUCHPAD_GESTURE_PHASE_UPDATE.

A finished gesture may have 2 possible outcomes, an event with phase GDK_TOUCHPAD_GESTURE_PHASE_END will be emitted when the gesture is considered successful, this should be used as the hint to perform any permanent changes.

Cancelled gestures may be so for a variety of reasons, due to hardware or the compositor, or due to the gesture recognition layers hinting the gesture did not finish resolutely (eg. a 3rd finger being added during a pinch gesture). In these cases, the last event will report the phase GDK_TOUCHPAD_GESTURE_PHASE_CANCEL, this should be used as a hint to undo any visible/permanent changes that were done throughout the progress of the gesture.

See also GdkEventTouchpadSwipe and GdkEventTouchpadPinch



The gesture has begun.


The gesture has been updated.


The gesture was finished, changes should be permanently applied.


The gesture was cancelled, all changes should be undone.