Creates a new gtk.Window, which is a toplevel window that can contain other widgets. Nearly always, the type of the window should be GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL If you’re implementing something like a popup menu from scratch (which is a bad idea, just use gtk.Menu), you might use GTK_WINDOW_POPUP GTK_WINDOW_POPUP is not for dialogs, though in some other toolkits dialogs are called “popups”. In GTK+, GTK_WINDOW_POPUP means a pop-up menu or pop-up tooltip. On X11, popup windows are not controlled by the [window manager][gtk-X11-arch].

If you simply want an undecorated window (no window borders), use Window.setDecorated, don’t use GTK_WINDOW_POPUP

All top-level windows created by are stored in an internal top-level window list. This list can be obtained from Window.listToplevels. Due to Gtk+ keeping a reference to the window internally, does not return a reference to the caller.

To delete a gtk.Window, call Widget.destroy.


type GtkWindowType

type of window

Return Value


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.