Make GStreamer aware of external dependencies which affect the feature set of this plugin (ie. the elements or typefinders associated with it).

GStreamer will re-inspect plugins with external dependencies whenever any of the external dependencies change. This is useful for plugins which wrap other plugin systems, e.g. a plugin which wraps a plugin-based visualisation library and makes visualisations available as GStreamer elements, or a codec loader which exposes elements and/or caps dependent on what external codec libraries are currently installed.

Convenience wrapper function for Plugin.addDependency which takes simple strings as arguments instead of string arrays, with multiple arguments separated by predefined delimiters (see above).

class Plugin


envVars string

one or more environment variables (separated by ':', ';' or ','), or NULL. Environment variable names may be followed by a path component which will be added to the content of the environment variable, e.g. "HOME/.mystuff/plugins:MYSTUFF_PLUGINS_PATH"

paths string

one ore more directory paths (separated by ':' or ';' or ','), or NULL. Example: "/usr/lib/mystuff/plugins"

names string

one or more file names or file name suffixes (separated by commas), or NULL

flags GstPluginDependencyFlags