Links the two named pads of the source and destination elements. Side effect is that if one of the pads has no parent, it becomes a child of the parent of the other element. If they have different parents, the link fails.

Calling Element.linkPadsFull with flags == GST_PAD_LINK_CHECK_DEFAULT is the same as calling Element.linkPads and the recommended way of linking pads with safety checks applied.

This is a convenience function for Pad.linkFull.

class Element


srcpadname string

the name of the gstreamer.Pad in source element or NULL for any pad.

dest Element

the gstreamer.Element containing the destination pad.

destpadname string

the name of the gstreamer.Pad in destination element, or NULL for any pad.

flags GstPadLinkCheck

the GstPadLinkCheck to be performed when linking pads.

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if the pads could be linked, FALSE otherwise.