Creates a new gobject.ParamSpec instance.

See [canonical parameter names][canonical-parameter-names] for details of the rules for name. Names which violate these rules lead to undefined behaviour.

Beyond the name, gobject.ParamSpecs have two more descriptive strings associated with them, the nick, which should be suitable for use as a label for the property in a property editor, and the blurb, which should be a somewhat longer description, suitable for e.g. a tooltip. The nick and blurb should ideally be localized.

class ParamSpec
string name
string nick
string blurb


paramType GType

the GType for the property; must be derived from G_TYPE_PARAM

name string

the canonical name of the property

nick string

the nickname of the property

blurb string

a short description of the property

flags GParamFlags

a combination of GParamFlags

Return Value

Type: ParamSpec

a newly allocated gobject.ParamSpec instance