Registers property_id as referring to a property with the name name in a parent class or in an interface implemented by oclass. This allows this class to "override" a property implementation in a parent class or to provide the implementation of a property from an interface.

Internally, overriding is implemented by creating a property of type GParamSpecOverride; generally operations that query the properties of the object class, such as ObjectClass.findProperty or ObjectClass.listProperties will return the overridden property. However, in one case, the construct_properties argument of the constructor virtual function, the GParamSpecOverride is passed instead, so that the param_id field of the gobject.ParamSpec will be correct. For virtually all uses, this makes no difference. If you need to get the overridden property, you can call ParamSpec.getRedirectTarget.

class ObjectClass
string name


propertyId uint

the new property ID

name string

the name of a property registered in a parent class or in an interface of this class.