Generates a textual representation of icon that can be used for serialization such as when passing icon to a different process or saving it to persistent storage. Use g_icon_new_for_string() to get icon back from the returned string.

The encoding of the returned string is proprietary to GIcon except in the following two cases

- If icon is a gio.FileIcon, the returned string is a native path (such as /path/to/my icon.png) without escaping if the GFile for icon is a native file. If the file is not native, the returned string is the result of g_file_get_uri() (such as sftp://path/to/my20icon.png).

- If icon is a gio.ThemedIcon with exactly one name and no fallbacks, the encoding is simply the name (such as network-server).

interface IconIF

Return Value

Type: string

An allocated NUL-terminated UTF8 string or NULL if icon can't be serialized. Use g_free() to free.