GIcon is a very minimal interface for icons. It provides functions for checking the equality of two icons, hashing of icons and serializing an icon to and from strings.

GIcon does not provide the actual pixmap for the icon as this is out of GIO's scope, however implementations of GIcon may contain the name of an icon (see gio.ThemedIcon), or the path to an icon (see GLoadableIcon).

To obtain a hash of a GIcon, see g_icon_hash().

To check if two GIcons are equal, see g_icon_equal().

For serializing a GIcon, use g_icon_serialize() and g_icon_deserialize().

If you want to consume GIcon (for example, in a toolkit) you must be prepared to handle at least the three following cases: GLoadableIcon, gio.ThemedIcon and gio.EmblemedIcon It may also make sense to have fast-paths for other cases (like handling gdk.Pixbuf directly, for example) but all compliant GIcon implementations outside of GIO must implement GLoadableIcon

If your application or library provides one or more GIcon implementations you need to ensure that your new implementation also implements GLoadableIcon Additionally, you must provide an implementation of g_icon_serialize() that gives a result that is understood by g_icon_deserialize(), yielding one of the built-in icon types.



bool equal(IconIF icon2)

Checks if two icons are equal.

GIcon* getIconStruct(bool transferOwnership)

Get the main Gtk struct

void* getStruct()

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Variant serialize()

Serializes a GIcon into a glib.Variant An equivalent GIcon can be retrieved back by calling g_icon_deserialize() on the returned value. As serialization will avoid using raw icon data when possible, it only makes sense to transfer the glib.Variant between processes on the same machine, (as opposed to over the network), and within the same file system namespace.

string toString()

Generates a textual representation of icon that can be used for serialization such as when passing icon to a different process or saving it to persistent storage. Use g_icon_new_for_string() to get icon back from the returned string.

Static functions

IconIF deserialize(Variant value)

Deserializes a GIcon previously serialized using g_icon_serialize().

GType getType()
uint hash(void* icon)

Gets a hash for an icon.