Gets the color and offset information at the given index for a gradient pattern. Values of index are 0 to 1 less than the number returned by Pattern.getColorStopCount. Since 1.4

class Pattern
int index
out double offset
out double red
out double green
out double blue
out double alpha


index int

index of the stop to return data for

offset double

return value for the offset of the stop, or NULL

red double

return value for red component of color, or NULL

green double

return value for green component of color, or NULL

blue double

return value for blue component of color, or NULL

alpha double

return value for alpha component of color, or NULL

Return Value

CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS, or CAIRO_STATUS_INVALID_INDEX if index is not valid for the given pattern. If the pattern is not a gradient pattern, CAIRO_STATUS_PATTERN_TYPE_MISMATCH is returned.