Create a new linear gradient cairo_pattern_t along the line defined by (x0, y0) and (x1, y1). Before using the gradient pattern, a number of color stops should be defined using Pattern.addColorStopRgb or Pattern.addColorStopRgba. Note: The coordinates here are in pattern space. For a new pattern, pattern space is identical to user space, but the relationship between the spaces can be changed with Pattern.setMatrix. Since 1.0

class Pattern
double x0
double y0
double x1
double y1


x0 double

x coordinate of the start point

y0 double

y coordinate of the start point

x1 double

x coordinate of the end point

y1 double

y coordinate of the end point

Return Value

Type: Pattern

the newly created cairo_pattern_t if successful, or an error pattern in case of no memory. The caller owns the returned object and should call Pattern.destroy when finished with it. This function will always return a valid pointer, but if an error occurred the pattern status will be set to an error. To inspect the status of a pattern use Pattern.status.