Scrolls text_view so that iter is on the screen in the position indicated by xalign and yalign. An alignment of 0.0 indicates left or top, 1.0 indicates right or bottom, 0.5 means center. If use_align is FALSE, the text scrolls the minimal distance to get the mark onscreen, possibly not scrolling at all. The effective screen for purposes of this function is reduced by a margin of size within_margin.

Note that this function uses the currently-computed height of the lines in the text buffer. Line heights are computed in an idle handler; so this function may not have the desired effect if it’s called before the height computations. To avoid oddness, consider using TextView.scrollToMark which saves a point to be scrolled to after line validation.

class TextView
double xalign
double yalign


iter TextIter
withinMargin double

margin as a [0.0,0.5) fraction of screen size

useAlign bool

whether to use alignment arguments (if FALSE, just get the mark onscreen)

xalign double

horizontal alignment of mark within visible area

yalign double

vertical alignment of mark within visible area

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if scrolling occurred