Searches forward for str. Any match is returned by setting match_start to the first character of the match and match_end to the first character after the match. The search will not continue past limit. Note that a search is a linear or O(n) operation, so you may wish to use limit to avoid locking up your UI on large buffers.

match_start will never be set to a gtk.TextIter located before iter, even if there is a possible match_end after or at iter.

class TextIter


str string

a search string

flags GtkTextSearchFlags

flags affecting how the search is done

matchStart TextIter

return location for start of match, or NULL

matchEnd TextIter

return location for end of match, or NULL

limit TextIter

location of last possible match_end, or NULL for the end of the buffer

Return Value

Type: bool

whether a match was found