GtkScrollable is an interface that is implemented by widgets with native scrolling ability.

To implement this interface you should override the hadjustment and vadjustment properties.

Creating a scrollable widget

All scrollable widgets should do the following.

- When a parent widget sets the scrollable child widget’s adjustments, the widget should populate the adjustments’ lower, upper, step-increment, page-increment and page-size properties and connect to the value-changed signal.

- Because its preferred size is the size for a fully expanded widget, the scrollable widget must be able to cope with underallocations. This means that it must accept any value passed to its gtk.WidgetClass.WidgetClass.size_allocate|gtk.WidgetClass.size_allocate function.

- When the parent allocates space to the scrollable child widget, the widget should update the adjustments’ properties with new values.

- When any of the adjustments emits the value-changed signal, the scrollable widget should scroll its contents.



bool getBorder(Border border)

Returns the size of a non-scrolling border around the outside of the scrollable. An example for this would be treeview headers. GTK+ can use this information to display overlayed graphics, like the overshoot indication, at the right position.

Adjustment getHadjustment()

Retrieves the gtk.Adjustment used for horizontal scrolling.

GtkScrollablePolicy getHscrollPolicy()

Gets the horizontal GtkScrollablePolicy

GtkScrollable* getScrollableStruct(bool transferOwnership)

Get the main Gtk struct

void* getStruct()

the main Gtk struct as a void*

Adjustment getVadjustment()

Retrieves the gtk.Adjustment used for vertical scrolling.

GtkScrollablePolicy getVscrollPolicy()

Gets the vertical GtkScrollablePolicy

void setHadjustment(Adjustment hadjustment)

Sets the horizontal adjustment of the GtkScrollable

void setHscrollPolicy(GtkScrollablePolicy policy)

Sets the GtkScrollablePolicy to determine whether horizontal scrolling should start below the minimum width or below the natural width.

void setVadjustment(Adjustment vadjustment)

Sets the vertical adjustment of the GtkScrollable

void setVscrollPolicy(GtkScrollablePolicy policy)

Sets the GtkScrollablePolicy to determine whether vertical scrolling should start below the minimum height or below the natural height.

Static functions

GType getType()