Adds a mark at value.

A mark is indicated visually by drawing a tick mark next to the scale, and GTK+ makes it easy for the user to position the scale exactly at the marks value.

If markup is not NULL, text is shown next to the tick mark.

To remove marks from a scale, use Scale.clearMarks.

class Scale


value double

the value at which the mark is placed, must be between the lower and upper limits of the scales’ adjustment

position GtkPositionType

where to draw the mark. For a horizontal scale, GTK_POS_TOP and GTK_POS_LEFT are drawn above the scale, anything else below. For a vertical scale, GTK_POS_LEFT and GTK_POS_TOP are drawn to the left of the scale, anything else to the right.

markup string

Text to be shown at the mark, using [Pango markup]PangoMarkupFormat, or NULL