Adds a new resource, pointed by uri, into the recently used resources list, using the metadata specified inside the [GtkRecentData-struct|GtkRecentData-struct] passed in recent_data.

The passed URI will be used to identify this resource inside the list.

In order to register the new recently used resource, metadata about the resource must be passed as well as the URI; the metadata is stored in a [GtkRecentData-struct|GtkRecentData-struct], which must contain the MIME type of the resource pointed by the URI; the name of the application that is registering the item, and a command line to be used when launching the item.

Optionally, a [GtkRecentData-struct|GtkRecentData-struct] might contain a UTF-8 string to be used when viewing the item instead of the last component of the URI; a short description of the item; whether the item should be considered private - that is, should be displayed only by the applications that have registered it.

class RecentManager


uri string

a valid URI

recentData GtkRecentData*

metadata of the resource

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if the new item was successfully added to the recently used resources list, FALSE otherwise