Sets the way in which the calling application can open new locations from the places sidebar. For example, some applications only open locations “directly” into their main view, while others may support opening locations in a new notebook tab or a new window.

This function is used to tell the places sidebar about the ways in which the application can open new locations, so that the sidebar can display (or not) the “Open in new tab” and “Open in new window” menu items as appropriate.

When the open-location signal is emitted, its flags argument will be set to one of the flags that was passed in PlacesSidebar.setOpenFlags.

Passing 0 for flags will cause GTK_PLACES_OPEN_NORMAL to always be sent to callbacks for the “open-location” signal.

class PlacesSidebar


flags GtkPlacesOpenFlags

Bitmask of modes in which the calling application can open locations