Sets whether the coordinates returned by IconInfo.getEmbeddedRect and IconInfo.getAttachPoints should be returned in their original form as specified in the icon theme, instead of scaled appropriately for the pixbuf returned by IconInfo.loadIcon.

Raw coordinates are somewhat strange; they are specified to be with respect to the unscaled pixmap for PNG and XPM icons, but for SVG icons, they are in a 1000x1000 coordinate space that is scaled to the final size of the icon. You can determine if the icon is an SVG icon by using IconInfo.getFilename, and seeing if it is non-NULL and ends in “.svg”.

This function is provided primarily to allow compatibility wrappers for older API's, and is not expected to be useful for applications.

class IconInfo


rawCoordinates bool

whether the coordinates of embedded rectangles and attached points should be returned in their original (unscaled) form.

Detailed Description

Deprecated: Embedded rectangles and attachment points are deprecated