Static functions

void dragCancel(DragContext context)

Cancels an ongoing drag operation on the source side.

void dragFinish(DragContext context, bool success, bool del, uint time)

Informs the drag source that the drop is finished, and that the data of the drag will no longer be required.

Widget dragGetSourceWidget(DragContext context)

Determines the source widget for a drag.

void dragSetIconDefault(DragContext context)

Sets the icon for a particular drag to the default icon.

void dragSetIconGicon(DragContext context, IconIF icon, int hotX, int hotY)

Sets the icon for a given drag from the given icon. See the documentation for gtk_drag_set_icon_name() for more details about using icons in drag and drop.

void dragSetIconName(DragContext context, string iconName, int hotX, int hotY)

Sets the icon for a given drag from a named themed icon. See the docs for gtk.IconTheme for more details. Note that the size of the icon depends on the icon theme (the icon is loaded at the symbolic size GTK_ICON_SIZE_DND), thus hot_x and hot_y have to be used with care.

void dragSetIconPixbuf(DragContext context, Pixbuf pixbuf, int hotX, int hotY)

Sets pixbuf as the icon for a given drag.

void dragSetIconStock(DragContext context, string stockId, int hotX, int hotY)

Sets the icon for a given drag from a stock ID.

void dragSetIconSurface(DragContext context, Surface surface)

Sets surface as the icon for a given drag. GTK+ retains references for the arguments, and will release them when they are no longer needed.

void dragSetIconWidget(DragContext context, Widget widget, int hotX, int hotY)

Changes the icon for drag operation to a given widget. GTK+ will not destroy the widget, so if you don’t want it to persist, you should connect to the “drag-end” signal and destroy it yourself.

void drawInsertionCursor(Widget widget, Context cr, GdkRectangle* location, bool isPrimary, GtkTextDirection direction, bool drawArrow)

Draws a text caret on cr at location. This is not a style function but merely a convenience function for drawing the standard cursor shape.