Registers a new typefind function to be used for typefinding. After registering this function will be available for typefinding. This function is typically called during an element's plugin initialization.

class TypeFind


plugin Plugin

A gstreamer.Plugin, or NULL for a static typefind function

name string

The name for registering

rank uint

The rank (or importance) of this typefind function

func GstTypeFindFunction
extensions string

Optional comma-separated list of extensions that could belong to this type

possibleCaps Caps

Optionally the caps that could be returned when typefinding succeeds

data void*

Optional user data. This user data must be available until the plugin is unloaded.

dataNotify GDestroyNotify

a GDestroyNotify that will be called on data when the plugin is unloaded.

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE on success, FALSE otherwise