Translate running_time to the segment position using the currently configured segment. Compared to Segment.positionFromRunningTime this function can return negative segment position.

This function is typically used by elements that need to synchronize buffers against the clock or each other.

running_time can be any value and the result of this function for values outside of the segment is extrapolated.

When 1 is returned, running_time resulted in a positive position returned in position.

When this function returns -1, the returned position was < 0, and the value in the position variable should be negated to get the real negative segment position.

class Segment


format GstFormat

the format of the segment.

runningTime ulong

the running-time

position ulong

the resulting position in the segment

Return Value

Type: int

a 1 or -1 on success, 0 on failure.