Gets a number of values for the given controlled property starting at the requested time. The array values need to hold enough space for n_values of the same type as the objects property's type.

This function is useful if one wants to e.g. draw a graph of the control curve or apply a control curve sample by sample.

The values are unboxed and ready to be used. The similar function gst_object_get_g_value_array() returns the array as gobject.Values and is better suites for bindings.

class ObjectGst


propertyName string

the name of the property to get

timestamp GstClockTime

the time that should be processed

interval GstClockTime

the time spacing between subsequent values

nValues uint

the number of values

values void*

array to put control-values in

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if the given array could be filled, FALSE otherwise