Create a new step event. The purpose of the step event is to instruct a sink to skip amount (expressed in format) of media. It can be used to implement stepping through the video frame by frame or for doing fast trick modes.

A rate of <= 0.0 is not allowed. Pause the pipeline, for the effect of rate = 0.0 or first reverse the direction of playback using a seek event to get the same effect as rate < 0.0.

The flush flag will clear any pending data in the pipeline before starting the step operation.

The intermediate flag instructs the pipeline that this step operation is part of a larger step operation.


format GstFormat

the format of amount

amount ulong

the amount of data to step

rate double

the step rate

flush bool

flushing steps

intermediate bool

intermediate steps

Return Value


ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.