Validate that changes made to config are still valid in the context of the expected parameters. This function is a helper that can be used to validate changes made by a pool to a config when Buffer.poolSetConfig returns FALSE. This expects that caps haven't changed and that min_buffers aren't lower then what we initially expected. This does not check if options or allocator parameters are still valid, won't check if size have changed, since changing the size is valid to adapt padding.

class BufferPool


config Structure

a gstreamer.BufferPool configuration

caps Caps

the excepted caps of buffers

size uint

the expected size of each buffer, not including prefix and padding

minBuffers uint

the expected minimum amount of buffers to allocate.

maxBuffers uint

the expect maximum amount of buffers to allocate or 0 for unlimited.

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE, if the parameters are valid in this context.