Provides access to the serialised data for an array of fixed-sized items.

value must be an array with fixed-sized elements. Numeric types are fixed-size, as are tuples containing only other fixed-sized types.

element_size must be the size of a single element in the array, as given by the section on [serialized data memory][gvariant-serialised-data-memory].

In particular, arrays of these fixed-sized types can be interpreted as an array of the given C type, with element_size set to the size the appropriate type: - G_VARIANT_TYPE_INT16 (etc.): gint16 (etc.) - G_VARIANT_TYPE_BOOLEAN: guchar (not gboolean!) - G_VARIANT_TYPE_BYTE: guint8 - G_VARIANT_TYPE_HANDLE: guint32 - G_VARIANT_TYPE_DOUBLE: gdouble

For example, if calling this function for an array of 32-bit integers, you might say sizeof(gint32). This value isn't used except for the purpose of a double-check that the form of the serialised data matches the caller's expectation.

n_elements, which must be non-NULL, is set equal to the number of items in the array.

class Variant


elementSize size_t

the size of each element

Return Value

Type: void[]

a pointer to the fixed array