Inserts data into seq using cmp_func to determine the new position. The sequence must already be sorted according to cmp_func; otherwise the new position of data is undefined.

cmp_func is called with two items of the seq, and cmp_data. It should return 0 if the items are equal, a negative value if the first item comes before the second, and a positive value if the second item comes before the first.

Note that when adding a large amount of data to a glib.Sequence, it is more efficient to do unsorted insertions and then call Sequence.sort or Sequence.sortIter.

class Sequence


data void*

the data to insert

cmpFunc GCompareDataFunc

the function used to compare items in the sequence

cmpData void*

user data passed to cmp_func.

Return Value

a glib.SequenceIter pointing to the new item.