Objects that describe one or more potential socket endpoints implement GSocketConnectable Callers can then use Socket.connectableEnumerate to get a gio.SocketAddressEnumerator to try out each socket address in turn until one succeeds, as shown in the sample code below.

MyConnectionType *
connect_to_host (const char    *hostname,
guint16        port,
GCancellable  *cancellable,
GError       **error)
MyConnection *conn = NULL;
GSocketConnectable *addr;
GSocketAddressEnumerator *enumerator;
GSocketAddress *sockaddr;
GError *conn_error = NULL;

addr = g_network_address_new (hostname, port);
enumerator = g_socket_connectable_enumerate (addr);
g_object_unref (addr);

// Try each sockaddr until we succeed. Record the first connection error,
// but not any further ones (since they'll probably be basically the same
// as the first).
while (!conn && (sockaddr = g_socket_address_enumerator_next (enumerator, cancellable, error))
conn = connect_to_sockaddr (sockaddr, conn_error ? NULL : &conn_error);
g_object_unref (sockaddr);
g_object_unref (enumerator);

if (conn)
if (conn_error)
// We couldn't connect to the first address, but we succeeded
// in connecting to a later address.
g_error_free (conn_error);
return conn;
else if (error)
/// Either initial lookup failed, or else the caller cancelled us.
if (conn_error)
g_error_free (conn_error);
return NULL;
g_error_propagate (error, conn_error);
return NULL;



SocketAddressEnumerator enumerate()

Creates a gio.SocketAddressEnumerator for connectable.

GSocketConnectable* getSocketConnectableStruct(bool transferOwnership)

Get the main Gtk struct

void* getStruct()

the main Gtk struct as a void*

SocketAddressEnumerator proxyEnumerate()

Creates a gio.SocketAddressEnumerator for connectable that will return a gio.ProxyAddress for each of its addresses that you must connect to via a proxy.

string toString()

Format a GSocketConnectable as a string. This is a human-readable format for use in debugging output, and is not a stable serialization format. It is not suitable for use in user interfaces as it exposes too much information for a user.

Static functions

GType getType()