GSeekable is implemented by streams (implementations of gio.InputStream or gio.OutputStream) that support seeking.

Seekable streams largely fall into two categories: resizable and fixed-size.

GSeekable on fixed-sized streams is approximately the same as POSIX lseek() on a block device (for example: attempting to seek past the end of the device is an error). Fixed streams typically cannot be truncated.

GSeekable on resizable streams is approximately the same as POSIX lseek() on a normal file. Seeking past the end and writing data will usually cause the stream to resize by introducing zero bytes.



bool canSeek()

Tests if the stream supports the GSeekableIface

bool canTruncate()

Tests if the length of the stream can be adjusted with g_seekable_truncate().

GSeekable* getSeekableStruct(bool transferOwnership)

Get the main Gtk struct

bool seek(long offset, GSeekType type, Cancellable cancellable)

Seeks in the stream by the given offset, modified by type.

long tell()

Tells the current position within the stream.

bool truncate(long offset, Cancellable cancellable)

Sets the length of the stream to offset. If the stream was previously larger than offset, the extra data is discarded. If the stream was previouly shorter than offset, it is extended with NUL ('\0') bytes.