Attempts to read up to count bytes from stream into buffer, as with InputStream.read. If stream is not currently readable, this will immediately return G_IO_ERROR_WOULD_BLOCK, and you can use g_pollable_input_stream_create_source() to create a glib.Source that will be triggered when stream is readable.

Note that since this method never blocks, you cannot actually use cancellable to cancel it. However, it will return an error if cancellable has already been cancelled when you call, which may happen if you call this method after a source triggers due to having been cancelled.

interface PollableInputStreamIF


buffer ubyte[]

a buffer to read data into (which should be at least count bytes long).

cancellable Cancellable

a gio.Cancellable, or NULL

Return Value

Type: ptrdiff_t

the number of bytes read, or -1 on error (including G_IO_ERROR_WOULD_BLOCK).


GException on failure.