Creates a proxy for accessing interface_name on the remote object at object_path owned by name at connection and synchronously loads D-Bus properties unless the G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_LOAD_PROPERTIES flag is used.

If the G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_CONNECT_SIGNALS flag is not set, also sets up match rules for signals. Connect to the g-signal signal to handle signals from the remote object.

If both G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_LOAD_PROPERTIES and G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_CONNECT_SIGNALS are set, this constructor is guaranteed to return immediately without blocking.

If name is a well-known name and the G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_AUTO_START and G_DBUS_PROXY_FLAGS_DO_NOT_AUTO_START_AT_CONSTRUCTION flags aren't set and no name owner currently exists, the message bus will be requested to launch a name owner for the name.

This is a synchronous failable constructor. See g_dbus_proxy_new() and g_dbus_proxy_new_finish() for the asynchronous version.

gio.DBusProxy is used in this example[gdbus-wellknown-proxy].


connection DBusConnection
flags GDBusProxyFlags

Flags used when constructing the proxy.

info DBusInterfaceInfo

A gio.DBusInterfaceInfo specifying the minimal interface that proxy conforms to or NULL.

name string

A bus name (well-known or unique) or NULL if connection is not a message bus connection.

objectPath string

An object path.

interfaceName string

A D-Bus interface name.

cancellable Cancellable

A gio.Cancellable or NULL.

Return Value

A gio.DBusProxy or NULL if error is set. Free with g_object_unref().


GException on failure. ConstructionException GTK+ fails to create the object.