Like g_dbus_proxy_call() but also takes a gio.UnixFDList object.

This method is only available on UNIX.


methodName string

Name of method to invoke.

parameters Variant

A glib.Variant tuple with parameters for the signal or NULL if not passing parameters.

flags GDBusCallFlags

Flags from the GDBusCallFlags enumeration.

timeoutMsec int

The timeout in milliseconds (with G_MAXINT meaning "infinite") or -1 to use the proxy default timeout.

fdList UnixFDList

A gio.UnixFDList or NULL.

cancellable Cancellable

A gio.Cancellable or NULL.

callback GAsyncReadyCallback

A GAsyncReadyCallback to call when the request is satisfied or NULL if you don't care about the result of the method invocation.

userData void*

The data to pass to callback.