Parses a textual representation of a color, filling in the red, green, blue and alpha fields of the rgba gdk.RGBA

The string can be either one of: - A standard name (Taken from the X11 rgb.txt file). - A hexadecimal value in the form “\rgb”, “\rrggbb”, “\rrrgggbbb” or ”\rrrrggggbbbb” - A RGB color in the form “rgb(r,g,b)” (In this case the color will have full opacity) - A RGBA color in the form “rgba(r,g,b,a)”

Where “r”, “g”, “b” and “a” are respectively the red, green, blue and alpha color values. In the last two cases, “r”, “g”, and “b” are either integers in the range 0 to 255 or percentage values in the range 0% to 100%, and a is a floating point value in the range 0 to 1.

class RGBA
string spec


spec string

the string specifying the color

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if the parsing succeeded