Obtains a list of keycode/group/level combinations that will generate keyval. Groups and levels are two kinds of keyboard mode; in general, the level determines whether the top or bottom symbol on a key is used, and the group determines whether the left or right symbol is used. On US keyboards, the shift key changes the keyboard level, and there are no groups. A group switch key might convert a keyboard between Hebrew to English modes, for example. GdkEventKey contains a group field that indicates the active keyboard group. The level is computed from the modifier mask. The returned array should be freed with g_free().

class Keymap
uint keyval


keyval uint

a keyval, such as GDK_KEY_a, GDK_KEY_Up, GDK_KEY_Return, etc.

keys GdkKeymapKey[]

return location for an array of GdkKeymapKey

Return Value

Type: bool

TRUE if keys were found and returned