cairo_font_type_t is used to describe the type of a given font face or scaled font. The font types are also known as "font backends" within cairo. The type of a font face is determined by the function used to create it, which will generally be of the form cairo_type_font_face_create(). The font face type can be queried with FontFace.getType The various cairo_font_face_t functions can be used with a font face of any type. The type of a scaled font is determined by the type of the font face passed to ScaledFont.create. The scaled font type can be queried with ScaledFont.getType The various cairo_scaled_font_t functions can be used with scaled fonts of any type, but some font backends also provide type-specific functions that must only be called with a scaled font of the appropriate type. These functions have names that begin with cairo_type_scaled_font() such as cairo_ft_scaled_font_lock_face(). The behavior of calling a type-specific function with a scaled font of the wrong type is undefined. New entries may be added in future versions. CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_TOY The font was created using cairo's toy font api (Since: 1.2) CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_FT The font is of type FreeType (Since: 1.2) CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_WIN32 The font is of type Win32 (Since: 1.2) CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_QUARTZ The font is of type Quartz (Since: 1.6, in 1.2 and 1.4 it was named CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_ATSUI) CAIRO_FONT_TYPE_USER The font was create using cairo's user font api (Since: 1.8) Since 1.2