Set the horizontal and vertical resolution for image fallbacks. When certain operations aren't supported natively by a backend, cairo will fallback by rendering operations to an image and then overlaying that image onto the output. For backends that are natively vector-oriented, this function can be used to set the resolution used for these image fallbacks, (larger values will result in more detailed images, but also larger file sizes). Some examples of natively vector-oriented backends are the ps, pdf, and svg backends. For backends that are natively raster-oriented, image fallbacks are still possible, but they are always performed at the native device resolution. So this function has no effect on those backends. Note: The fallback resolution only takes effect at the time of completing a page (with cairo_show_page() or cairo_copy_page()) so there is currently no way to have more than one fallback resolution in effect on a single page. The default fallback resoultion is 300 pixels per inch in both dimensions. Since 1.2

class Surface


xPixelsPerInch double

horizontal setting for pixels per inch

yPixelsPerInch double

vertical setting for pixels per inch